The Allure of Custom-Made Clothing in a World of Ready-Made Fashion

The Allure of Custom-Made Clothing in a World of Ready-Made Fashion

What do you know about Ready-made?

Readymade clothing comes in various styles, sizes, and designs, and it's produced in bulk by manufacturers to suit a wide range of customers. This type of clothing is commonly found in retail stores and online shops, offering convenience and a range of choices for people looking for off-the-rack apparel. Despite offering convenience and diverse options, readymade clothing may pose challenges related to fit, quality, lack of uniqueness, and environmental impact due to mass production. In the fashion industry, designers produce ready-to-wear clothing, ready-made garments are no longer seen as only for the lower classes but also for the middle classes because of the view of the social aspect and how it has changed in value. This allows for cost efficiency and faster production times. These garments are predominantly sold through retail outlets, both physical stores and online platforms, making them widely accessible to consumers.


Customised over ready made

  • Due to standardized sizing, readymade clothing may not fit everyone perfectly, resulting in issues with fit for different body shapes and sizes.
  • Ready-made clothes are produced in large quantities, making it possible for many people to have similar items and reducing individuality.
  • Mass production can sometimes compromise the quality of materials and craftsmanship compared to bespoke or custom-made clothing.
  • Ready-to-wear clothing often lacks personalization options, hindering individual expression.
  • Mass production of readymade clothing can contribute to environmental issues like textile waste and pollution.



 Ready made Clothing disadvantages

In the world of high-end fashion, fashion houses typically present ready-to-wear collections during a period known as Fashion Week each season. These collections cater to the growing trend of blending athletic wear with casual, everyday clothing, offering functional and stylish pieces suitable for various activities.

Fashion houses and brands often release collections for specific seasons, such as Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. These collections feature clothing appropriate for the weather and prevailing trends of that particular season.

Ready-made collaborations involve partnerships between brands, designers, or celebrities to create limited-edition collections that combine the styles or aesthetics of the collaborators. Brands that focus on rapid turnover and trend replication release frequent collections that quickly reflect the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.



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