About Us

Who we are?

We are enthusiast, we are believer, we are passionate!

Dressing well is not just about the right cloth or the right design, it is about a perfect fit, “your” perfect fit. We not only make all-time favourite elegant suits, but we have been delivering hand embroidered clothing as conceived by our clients. Indian ethnic art of handcraft and embroidery is like a classic masterpiece created by artisans who have been part of a legacy, and we are thriving to take this on international platform. We feel satisfied when these people look at us with shinning eyes because their efforts & hard work gets celebrated. We ensure they get respected for following their legacy by heart and create something which is as unique as every different client would want them to be.

What we do?

We firmly believe that everybody is unique and so is their preference to dress. Our clothing gets initiated by understanding the client first and their requirements. From choosing the best cloth, to the weaving of any kind of hand embroidery they desire, we love doing it all.We specialize in making customized clothing for our clients, this statement is incomplete without mentioning that we don't make random clothes to be kept on shelves. We only make it on an order basis, which makes it a completely custom-made fit, which we call your second skin. Furthermore, we completely understand that every (body) is different and so is their fit, so we ensure that our client gets their suit, not a random picked-up from shelf clothing. Our clients have selected us repeatedly because of our unique customized clothing design, which they get ADDICTED to!