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Transport yourself to the opulent era of Rococo with our exquisite Rococo fashion collection. Inspired by the lavish art and culture of the 18th century, our garments feature intricate detailing, cascading ruffles, and elaborate embellishments. From elegant gowns to embroidered waistcoats, our Rococo fashion captures the essence of grandeur and indulgence, allowing you to embrace the allure of this iconic period in style.


Experience the versatility and inclusivity of our product line, as all of our offerings are thoughtfully crafted to be unisex.
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Rococo Royalty AttireRococo Royalty Attire
Rococo Royalty Attire Sale priceFrom $1,689.99
1700s Rococo Costume1700s Rococo Costume
1700s Rococo Costume Sale priceFrom $1,875.99
Royal French Noble Costume - Addicted BespokenRoyal Costume
Royal French Noble Costume Sale priceFrom $1,917.99
Fersen Court SuitFersen Court Suit
1800s Fersen Court Suit Sale priceFrom $1,834.99
Prince CostumePrince Costume
18th Century Prince Costume Sale priceFrom $2,111.99
Baroque CostumeHistorical Baroque Costume - Addicted Bespoken
Historical Baroque Costume Sale priceFrom $2,418.99