Size chart for Gurkha Pants

XS 28 34 20 13
S 30 36 22 13.5
M 32 38 24 14
L 34 40 25 14.5
XL 36 42 26 15
XS 70 85 50 32.5
S 75 90 55 33.75
M 80 95 60 35
L 85 100 62.5 36.25
XL 90 105 65 37.5
Some Measuring Tips


Trouser Measurements  


Measure around your waist at the height you prefer to wear your pants, which may differ from your natural waistline. Avoid pulling the tape measure too tightly. If you're unsure, wear trousers that fit well and measure around the waistband where they sit. 


Measure around the fullest part of your hips and seat (bum). Stand with your feet hip-width apart, empty pockets, and ensure the tape is level and untwisted. You should feel the tape lightly against your body. 


Please measure the circumference of your thigh at its widest point, usually near the top of the inseam, but it may vary slightly depending on your physique. 

Trouser Length/Out-seam

Measure vertically from the top of where you want the trouser waist to sit along the side pant seam to the desired trouser length, typically about 3cm (1.18 inches) above the ground. To assist, you can wear a pair of well-fitting trousers and shoes similar to those you intend to wear with the suit. 


Trouser Length/In-seam

We typically use the out-seam measurement you provide for our trousers, but in some cases, the inseam measurement can be helpful. Again, wearing well-fitting trousers and similar shoes can help. Measure vertically from the bottom of the trouser (usually 3cm from the floor) up the inside seam to the desired height of the crotch. In Made to Order/standard store-bought trousers, these are typically 30" (short), 32" (regular), or 34" (long). 


For detailed instruction on how to measure yourself, click here.

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